National Curriculum yadda,yadda,yadda

News today that a new curriculum will as they put it ‘excite learning’. Really? Sounds like the end is nigh for the Curriculum. If, with all the changes that have taken place, it still isn’t ‘exciting’ then maybe it needs wholesale reform. We know, why not get rid of it, stop telling teachers what to teach and then disband the QCA and other quangos that do nothing than tell other people what to do and waste taxpayers money. We hate to use the analogy, but if you dictated to consumers what they needed to buy you’d go out of business fast. Let kids through their teachers dictate what they want to study and then class content can be tailored to local, not national, contexts.
This Government is more interested in sending out press releases announcing ‘reform’, ‘change’, ‘modernisation’ and forming meaningless acronym-rich disorganisations than actually achieving anything.

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