What the ESOL is going on?

Recent changes to ESOL-funding priorities have left everyone involved scratching their heads. No-one knows if students will stump up the cash for something that they once got for free, teachers don’t know if they’ll have jobs, managers don’t know how many courses they need to put on and ESOL-providers have no idea how much money they’ll be getting. This all makes for a real headache and could have so easily been avoided.


1. Courses should not have been free in the first place.
2. Any cuts should have been made after changes to existing provision were implemented to allow for some breathing space for employers and employees
By not doing the above allows unions to scaremonger, demotivates staff and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. The DfES through the LSC have a lot to answer for. Playing football with the lives of others is clearly not the best policy.

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