Bribery in the Classroom

An EducationState member has informed us that he has been accused of taking a bribe.
The incident revolved around gifts being handed to an ESOL lecturer. Another class member has objected to the gifts claiming they were intended to curry favour and secure an exam pass. In this instance, the lecturer is clear that this is not a bribe, explaining that it wis a generational and cultural difference (the student in question being middle-aged and from the Far East) and even if it was intended to boost grades, as the exams are externally marked, it would be pointless.
Do students/pupils attempt to ‘bribe’ their teachers, however?

Under whose table?

If a student is being friendly and co-operative, is this bribery? How about Christamas cards? Indeed, isn’t it a basic human instinct to make friends and influence them? Or is the accuser right? Should all gifts, conversation or smiles be refused?

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