Exam Factories, yet…

Education academic Professor Alan Smithers has said at the recent NUT conference that “unlike previous governments (New Labour) has taken upon itself responsibility for ‘delivery’ through targets and pressure from the centre.

“Schools have been reduced almost to factories for producing test and exam scores.

“But scores are not the product of education in the way that cars, barrels of oil and tins of baked beans are for their industries; schools are there to benefit the children in them.

“It is an approach that has led the government to value only what can be measured.”

HOWEVER, a politically-motivated, narrow-minded and partisan individual working at the supposedly neutral DfES says: “They are a non-negotiable part of school reform. They provide valuable objective evidence in the core subjects, helping inform further improvements to teaching and learning.

“This is an important part of our drive to raise standards in the basics even further in primary schools.”

What planet do these people come from? DfES alien

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