History of the exam Pt. 4

Is someone please going to call time on the exam system?

BBC News reports today that parents are now drugging their own children in the hope that they can succeed in school examinations. Now who’s at fault here? The notion of exams and their link to status and affluence is peddled by the Government and this puts pressure on everyone to keep up in some Darwinian nightmare. The population at large then buys into this and is left to fight it out.

Cowardly New World

An alternative is, as EducationState believes, to scrap examinations based on a narrow idea of peer competition altogether and replace them with tests that identify innate strengths and preferences. These tests can then be used to help parents and students to select a career best-suited to their individual talents and interests, rather than employed to reinforce/strengthen an artificial and perverse idea of superiority/inferiority based not so much on individual merit but more on the environment in which you are raised and your ability to remember large amounts of facts.

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