Teachers’ Pay

Heard the one about expecting a first-class public service but not wanting to pay for it? It’s not funny and this philosophy affects all of us.


In a country where the government pays backhanders to a Saudi businessman so they buy our toys that kill, no money can be found to meet the reasonable pay demands of teachers. Teachers who are struggling to meet rising mortgage repayments, petrol prices and taxation.

Heard the other one? You know, the one where teachers go on strike, damage the education of learners and provoke a right-wing backlash? Unions are happy to strike as conflict is their game but this must be avoided at all costs. Teachers deserve to be paid in line with doctors and other professionals. If the Government can’t/won’t stump up the cash then why should they be allowed to continue controlling it. Give control back to the LEA’s and let them tailor pay and conditions to the local situation. Better still, ring-fence funds for teacher’s pay based on an education tax raised locally and distributed through council tax rebates.

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