How’s he going to do that, then?

WE at EducationState can only thank Gordon Brown for his wonderfully vague and awe-uninspiring comments regarding the future of the UK’s education system.

Gordon Brown

Apparently, he’s going to make it ‘world class’, whatever that means. He could make it really ‘world class’ by:

1. getting rid of standards, targets and all the other meaningless twaddle that goes with being a teacher these days
2. giving control of schools back to local authorities
3. scrapping the PFI and all other back-door attempts to privatise education
4. allowing children to grow and develop without the meddling of businessmen
5. puttting an end to the National Riddiculum and testing
6. placing the student not parental competition or electioneering at the heart of the education system

How about that then Gordon Brown?

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