No Carrots

The Business Link website urges companies to incentivise their staff through perks.

No Carrots

It states:

Perks are generally a good method of tempting new employees and retaining workers as they are not related to productivity. Perks can encourage staff attachment to the business.
The options

There are a wide range of perks, including:

* occupational pensions
leave above the statutory minimum – see our guide on how to know how much holiday to give your staff
* gifts, eg on birthdays
* health benefits, eg health insurance/assessments
* family-friendly and work-life balance benefits, eg flexible working hours – see our guide on the benefits of flexible working or use our interactive tool to investigate what kind of flexible working will best suit your employees and you
* subsidised staff canteens, tea/coffee-making facilities or goods/services
* loans, eg season tickets
* social events, eg Christmas parties and work outings
* membership of social clubs
* extra training – ie which goes beyond skills needed for the job

If only senior managers and civil serpents were enlightened enough to follow this in Education.

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