The Gravy Train Runneth Dry

It has been brought to our attention that major FE colleges are hurriedly closing classes and squeezing hours out of already over-worked teaching and admin staff.


This has all been brought about by New Labour/Old Tories’ shift in policy away from adults and to the under 19’s. The rhetoric is that everyone should have a Level 2/3 qual but the reality is that by charging people for education you are simply discouraging people from participating. Education is a right not a privilege. The populace is already charged for education through the current tax system so to ask them for more is worse than a joke. Stop mistreating staff and start behaving like proper, mature and compassionate human beings Mr. Brown et al.
Signing up employers to pledges and commitments is nothing more than another very unfunny joke, too. As if employers will pay for something when they already expect it to be provided for them. That is why they pay taxes. We have an idea that will mean single mums, the young, the elderly, those on low incomes and all the other most vulnerable people in UK society don’t have to stump up more of their hard earned cash: stop the war in Iraq and bring British troops home. Simple really.

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