College Strife

It has been brought to our attention that following the lead of Harlow College, Barnet College in North London are also hoping to get one over their employees.

Bitter Pill

It appears that relationships between senior managers and those lower down the managerial food chain have reached an all-time low. In “College staff ‘bullied’ into new contracts” it is written that “Barnet College has been accused of ‘intimidation’ and ‘harassment’ after sending out letters threatening employees with dismissal if they failed to accept new terms of employment.”

Of course, the College senior management team have replied with the stock and tired argument that they have only been responding to changes in Government funding. This is another example of deliberate buck-passing on behalf of both Government and senior managers, however. Flash Gordon and his cronies are responsible for this ridiculous situation where senior College managers are left with no choice but to bully their own employees into submission causing bitterness and ultimately storing up trouble for the future.

We thought Labour was called Labour for a reason?!

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