We at EducationState would like to celebrate the achievement of the ESOL experiment as it goes into decline, replaced by EFL.

Pearly Gates

Like the end of the Beatles, the death knell has been sounded and something that we all knew was inevitable has come to pass. No-more will teachers be able to make decisions based solely on what they think is good for the learner. For the new boss in town is Mr. Sterling. Money talks and Professionalism walks. EFL, with its eye primarily fixed on the money pie, is now in the ascendant. Welcome to consumer education with all the low wages, poor working conditions, lack of union representation and general lack of respect you can imagine.

Weekends and holidays will no longer be sacred and you can kiss goodbye to that pension you’ve been paying into. Again those who are most in need suffer as they will soon be unable or unwilling to pay for something which by right is there’s. Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 26 seems to have been forgotten.

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