Climate of Fear

We all know it happens but why do educationalists not take a stand against miserable working conditions, low pay, no perks and constant bureaucratic harassment?


EducationState calls on ALL educationalists to put their politics to one side and unite against the forces of evil i.e. Government and claim what is rightfully ours.

Our manifesto:

– No more goodwill management
– No more threats of redundancy
– Perks and pay commensurate to our worth not our status
– No more political or institutional interference
– No more ideological and dogmatic pushing through of sledgehammer initiatives
– Trusting teachers to do the job they’re trained for
– Evidence- rather than fashion-based observations
– Democratic and local decision-making
– No more ‘paperwork + system = Education’
– Research for localized not generalized contexts
– Fun to return to the best job in the world – TEACHING.

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