A Good Teacher

Great response to a BBC News article about what makes a good teacher.

All Singing, All Dancing

The following response is indicative of the rest:

“I would have thought that it was quite obvious what makes a good teacher in this day and age. The ability to cope with enormous amounts of administrative paper-work including individual lesson plans for every lesson of every day taken down to individual targets for each child in the class. Ability to enjoy pointless and meaningless paper chases to satisfy regulators and local authorities. Ability to be able to ignore all legislation relating to European Working Hours Directives. The ability to accept criticism from failed teachers and advisors who populate a self-sustaining OFSTED system. The ability to accept continuous and unfounded criticism of everything they do by people who always know better, no matter how poorly qualified. The ability to be able to adapt to every ill conceived and poorly thought through initiative. There are certainly enough Teachers willing to be creatively subversive, but OFSTED is not. All of this before they even get anywhere near children, who after all are now secondary to league table results in the exam factory mentality which now exists. But still they do get such lovely long holidays and good pay.”
Orlando F.Stead, Manchester, UK


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