Return of Class War

We at EducationState have written of the trials and tribulations of staff and students in education but we think that of all news commented on in recent times the new university entrance exams in the UK are purely and simply an attempt to turn back the clock to the days of educational elitism.


Widely reported in the past week, it seems independent, fee-paying schools and their rivals have implemented the Cambridge Pre-U. Of 30 schools only 6 are from the state sector and the headteachers fear that it will lead to an educational divide. But, yet again, the DfIUKUHJJJ and the DfSCUTHEI aka the Department of Education has not listened to those who know best and has gone ahead. Critics have also attacked the move for further compilcating the existing examinations system that will now have to contend with the new diploma.

Choice is not always best, especially when the goal of education should be to alleviate as much as possible the inequalities and injustices in the country. All these new exams will do is allow those with money to jump the queue while state schools play catch-up, allowing the rich to regain some of their monopoly over education. Ed Balls-Up and his other Yes Men/Women should instead concentrate on simplifying the current exam system and address the issues that determine success or failure i.e. poverty, supportive teachers, healthy studying environments. This smacks of class war. Marx would turn in his grave.

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