Lord, oh Lord, Adonis

Most of our readers will no doubt remember Saddam Hussein’s press officer during the 2nd Gulf War, Comical Ali aka Baghdad Bob.

Baghdad Bob

He became known for his outrageous and simply ridiculous attempts to pretend to the world’s press corp that Saddam’s Iraq was far from imploding but actually resisting the Allied Forces (even while Baghdad itself was being overrun by American troops!).

Lord, oh Lord, Adonis is, we believe, modelling himself on Mr. Comical. For a taster here are opinions regarding a recent research paper that Government policy was taking away teacher’s control and creativity:

“Our partnership with the teaching profession has led to radical improvements in working conditions and has recently led Ofsted to conclude we have the ‘best trained generation of teachers ever’.

“Schools and teachers have the freedom and autonomy to do what they do best – teach. We make no apology for policies which are delivering the highest standards ever.”



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