Those goalposts are moving again…

EducationState reads that new examinations have been designed that are, apparently, now even harder than A Levels.

Moving Goal Posts

In this current climate, we have to decide if our system that is very conveniently based on examinations is actually helping to shape individuals who can make sound, responsible judgements. A student who achieves the highest grade is NOT necessarily going to make the best judgements in high office. This has been demonstrated TIME AND AGAIN over the past year. The individuals running Government and financial institutions have all passed exams with the highest grades but they have not been making the right decisions. We need a new way, not of selecting ability, but of defining it. Not defined by exam results but by values. For example, do they help others without being asked? Do they share and support other people? Do they think the world revolves around them? Do they think all people are made equally and should be treated as such? Do they think other people exist to be exploited by them?

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