NUS – The Revival?

We have mocked the ineffectiveness of the NUS in years gone by but they are flexing their muscles again and we applaud them.


In today’s Guardian it is reported that, “Students will name and shame MPs who refuse to oppose rise in tuition fee”. Now modern-day students are not known for their radicalism and long gone are the days of manning barricades and calling for revolution but if there is one issue that will get a student worked up more than any other then that is money…or lack of!

To have announced a tuition fees review a few months or so short of an election beggars belief. Students make up a pretty significant minority and no better way to politicise them before an election than to have them worry about whether they’ll be able to afford next year’s must-have items when they might have to cough up much more for fees.

By naming and shaming the NUS is now doing what a proper union should. That is, making it’s members’ voices heard and applying real pressure on the current Government, and long may it continue.

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