Help Wanted: Revolutionary to fight for penniless students!

With the Russell Group and other selfish and ungrateful universities continue to persuade the Government that charging students more is the only way to maintain the UK’s competiveness in research, future students must be thinking that all is lost.

Middle-Aged Gloating

Despite the fact that all the middle-aged people working at UK universitities didn’t pay a penny towards their own education, they seem ready to expect the younger generation to foot the bill so that they can retire early, tend to the garden and holiday overseas.

What the young need is someone who represents their interest. Not Clegg, who is ready to do any deal to appear important. What is needed, instead, is someone ready to unite the young behind issues that are of concern to them, including of course the disgrace that are tuition fees.

Other countries may have expect students to pay for their education via fees and loans but these are lower-tax countries where property is cheaper.

Young Brits have nothing to look forward to apart from high taxes, low wages, no property ownership and interminable loan repayments.

This will become all the more galling when they discover that they’re simply paying to maintain the living standards (and property prices) of those older than them.

This is a national disgrace. And one that does not bode well for the social fabric of the UK.

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