…but the real issues don’t go away.

Academies, radicalism, what else? Ah yes, freedom.

Education Secretary

The Gove-nor doesn’t get it. They never do. Balls-Up was no different. It isn’t managerial tinkering that the Education system needs. ‘Wearing a new tie doesn’t a new man make’.

The Education system needs leaving alone. Now that would be truly radical. An Education system run by educators and not journos out-of-touch with the realities of being a young person in the UK.

Freedom would be good, also. Freedom from Gove-nor and chums whose tinkering will only alienate teachers and support staff more. Freedom from the ‘market’.

Freedom for educators to make experienced decisions backed by supportive parents and trusting children.

So Gove and chums do you want to be remembered for something really revolutionary? It’s up to you!

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