Can’t pay, won’t pay!

Given that not one single person among Lord Browne-nose’s Comedy Tuition Fees Review, the Blue Rinsers or the Yellows is currently brave enough to actually make an announcement regarding the issues of student finance in the future, it’s surprising that the media have been so kind.

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If we were current or future students, we’d be a little concerned about the fact that this hasn’t been decided yet. The only thing that can be concluded is that attitudes towards student financing have changed immeasurably over the past decade or so.

The issue, we’re told, revolves around who, ultimately, is responsible for the cost of an education. The government think it’s a collective responsibility up to 18. Then feel that some contribution should be made by the student.

This seems fair enough. But if the banks and bankers can be bailed out to the tune of billions of pounds, why not penniless students? Why shouldnt’ they be bailed out?

Alas, there’s a simple response. Banks have the power. Universities, aside from the Russell Group, and students don’t have any power. Moreover, the very people who are looking to maintain their spending power in to the next decades clearly don’t wish to relinquish that to help pay for the younger generation’s education. This is as clear as day.

British Banks needed saving. And in the same way, we can expect that many of the top UK Universities, with their friends in high places, won’t be left to go to the wall, either. Bums on seats will guarantee that, albeit at the real cost of diluting the uni experience.

But students? What chance have they got?

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