Only literacy test scores ‘fall short’

“Ofsted inspectors say literacy standards ‘fall short'”, the Beeb reports.

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This simply isn’t true. What has really fallen short are literacy test scores not literacy standards. OfSTED are confusing scores with literacy levels. A child that does badly on a test isn’t necessarily lacking in literacy. They are just unable to score high enough on the test.

You may wish to claim that test-taking is part of what it means to be literate, but this isn’t what we’re talking about. We’re talking about being able to read and write not do well on a test.

If we wish to argue that literacy test scores are the same as literacy standards then the report explains that scores among 7 year olds has actually gone up.

Why OfSTED continue to exist is because via the mainstream media channels they sell an image of failing schools, teachers and pupils when that simply isn’t the case. And to back things up they refer to test scores.

But these scores are massaged. Deliberately. Gilbert and the Inspectors want to continue in their well-paid posts. They then quite understandably have no will or reason to change how things are currently done. The climate of failure that they peddle serves their own selfish interests, and we pick up the tab.

There are failings but no school is an island. A failing school is invariably in an impoverished area. This is the real cause of underperformance. No inspector is needed to tell us that. The Beeb should continue to report this…as they have done…not be the conduit for OfSTED propaganda.


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