National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts

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“What is the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts?

The National Campaign against Fees and Cuts is a group of activists from universities, colleges and schools across the country that co-ordinate action against tuition fees and education funding cuts. Students were brought together by a realisation of the extent of the attacks on education and what this will mean to our and future students education quality and prospects.

Launched at a conference on the 6th February 2010 by representatives from campus-based campaigns, NCAFC has regular regional and national open organising meetings to plan national weeks of action which have helped co-ordinate occupations, protests and solidarity actions. We work with all anti-cuts campaigns and support all union action against cuts and redundancies.

Our local campaigns have occupied vice chancellors offices, organised mass meetings of students and lecturers against cuts, supported UCU strike action and generally kicked up a fuss over the issues. And we’ve had victories! Leeds Uni now has suspended compulsory redundancies and Sussex Uni has been forced to re-instate students involved in protest when there was a mass occupation against their suspension!

We also work in student unions and the National Union of Students to transform them into the kind of fighting organisations we need.

The campaign is just getting going though, most cuts are likely to be announced in the coming months many more students are likely to get involved. Join us in organising the fightback: go to the next NCAFC organising meeting, get active in your local group or if there isn’t one yet set one up, we’ll be happy to help. OCCUPY! STRIKE! RESIST!”

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