David Willetts’ Two Brains Go AWOL

Funny to think that David Willetts just doesn’t get it.


The BBC report that Universities Minister David Willetts thought ‘students had not seemed to have understood the proposals on fees – and that they would not have to pay the higher fees up-front.’

David, David, students and their parents can’t afford to pay tuition fees of £9000 pa. They know that a 3-year degree course will cost £27,000 + living costs which in London, for eg, would amount to at least another £15k spread over 3 years. That’s a grand total of at least £42,000. Why don’t either of your brains realise that this is simply unaffordable?

Your party AGAIN just shows how out-of-touch it is with the world that most people live in. Your Cabinet of millionaires should surrender some of its cash for brain cells.

Like the poll tax, you have forgotten about fairness. And all at a time when bankers’ profits keep rolling in. Who in your Cabinet thought that the timing of the fee hike was okay? Like Tory governments before you, you have shown what a bunch of amateurs you still are.

Perhaps now Tory Toffism will finally go the way of the dodo and real people can get back to making decisions for other real people.

“Young people will be provided with the funds they need to meet whatever charges universities levy,” said Mr Willetts. Okay, but what about after?

How about repaying these funds off while trying to save for a house deposit and pay rent at the same time, or does he think that it’s now okay to live with your parents forever. Sure Mummy and Daddy will be chuffed with having another mouth to feed for longer especially given how they were forced to shell out £42k for a uni degree.

And it’s not as if young people can get a job in today’s market. All you’ve done is to radicalise the young. Congratulations.

David, see sense. Scrap fees and fleece the banks instead. They owe us.

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