2011 – More of the Same?

With the arrival of the New Year and in our first post of 2011, we wanted to consider what lies ahead for education this coming year.

We couldn’t help but think that this year – 2011 – will resemble 2010 in so many ways:

-There will be more unnecessary policy innovations handed down from above by vain politicians.

-There will be further criticism of teachers by politicians and businessmen who haven’t got anything better to do.

– Further encroachments into public education will be made by private organisations via their patronage of so-called charitable organisations such as Teach First.

– Wealthy and influential individuals without any classroom teaching experience will continue to meddle in education with charter schools/academies and such like to satisfy their own inflated sense of self and bolster their own public image.

-Parents and pupils will remain baffled by the multitude of course and examination options.

-The A Level and GCSE will again be the target of media attacks.

-Calls will be made for more/less creativity, more/less discipline etc.

-Teachers will remain very much underpaid and continue to work the most overtime of any professional.

-University students will continue to protest at cuts to uni teaching funding and the tuition fees hike.

– Oxbridge and other top unis will continue to be dominated by private school students and comprehensive kid quotas will remain off the agenda.

-Private schools despite their immense wealth will continue to claim their charitable status.

-Selective schools will continue to be called state schools even though they are nothing of the sort.

– And education will remain the plaything of the political and business elites and ordinary, working families who quietly go about paying their taxes and placing their trust in these elites will continue to pay the price.

Happy New Year!

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