BBC Radio 5 Live listener takes on Michael Gove

…& wins by a KO!

Michael Gove

Listen to the broadcast here:

Gove getting a pasting on live BBC radio

Charlie from Lewes, the radio listener, for Education Secretary?! He’ll do a much better job than journo Gove if this is anything to go by.

We should say that we’re not supporting Charles’ opinion that headteachers rather than teachers must be allowed a say in a child’s educational choices. Teachers are far better-suited to the task, especially as headteachers are increasingly seen as business bosses.

However, we fully support treating the choices of all human beings with respect and giving them the chance to make their own choices rather than making decisions for them.

For as Charles from Lewes made clear, educational choices made on the behalf of others will no doubt reflect the self-interest of the patrician and business classes.

Our children are all equal. They’re not factory fodder for the rich and powerful.

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