How challenging are Teach First schools?

We thought we’d look a little closer at exactly how challenging Teach First’s schools really are.

Teach First

That TF teachers are working in schools that need them is made much of in TF’s literature. In the Summary Information Return 2009 Of Aims, Activities and Achievements for Teach First TF declares its “mission is to address educational disadvantage” with “the main beneficiaries of the programme…the pupils taught by Teach First teachers in some of England’s most challenging…schools.” While on their website they make repeated reference – we counted at least three pages of search results – to the challenging nature of their schools.

In the media, too, it is believed that TF “trains graduates to teach in struggling inner-city schools”, and “recruits graduates to teach in inner-city schools”,

To find these most needy 240 schools (see below), TF takes into account:

1. where schools have more than 50% of their pupils living in the lowest 30% of the Income Deprivation Affecting Children Index (IDACI – percentage of children that live in families that are income deprived i.e., in receipt of Income Support, Income based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Working Families’ Tax Credit or Disabled Person’s Tax Credit below a given threshold). In other words, the IDACI measures the proportion of children under the age of 16 in an area living in low income households.

2. and where 5+ A*-C GCSEs results fall below the lowest 30% of the national distribution

This doesn’t seem bad. Common sense would tell us that there has to be some kind of link between poverty and educational achievement. However the link between them has been proven to be complex – why do rich kids do badly/poor kids well at school if all you need is affluence? – and such a connection is arguably of real significance only at the extreme end of the poverty scale.

It could also be argued – and is – that, ultimately, TF and other education reforms of recent times are simply window-dressing on a problem with deeper causes rooted in the underlying structure of society. Poverty then isn’t the only cause of underachievement neither is it necessarily the primary cause of educational disadvantage.

It appears then that TF is perhaps right to bang on about how they recruit the best graduates and place them in deserving schools, but it is asking a lot of new TF teachers to do something about the vicious structures that cause and keep on causing this educational disadvantage in the first place.

It is, of course, still the case that TF teachers are working at schools where GCSE results may be below average. There they can at least try to do something about other non-poverty factors leading to underachievement and so fulfil the TF mission anyway.

But, again, taking an average like this leaves a lot to be desired. As we know, averages are just shorthand for more complicated and nuanced information. For example, a good secondary modern with open selection would expect to have an average lower than a selective school. Yet it is true that they could have future Russell Group undergrads among their pupils.

With such a mix of students it is clear how TFers could be deployed. They could be given the star pupils in school top-set while the difficult kids are given to more experienced staff. This also very nicely solves another problem for schools, that of older staff on higher and more costly salaries. Having to work with the unruly is not good for morale or stress levels, and the knock-on effect is that the more experienced staff member not too far off early retirement will leave as soon as possible. This deprives pupils of a quality member of staff but very neatly reduces the wage bill.

Another problem with using GCSE results to gauge school need for TFers, is that it isn’t applicable at primary level. For even with child prodigies, primary pupils don’t normally sit them.

None of this seems to fit with the charity’s mission to address educational disadvantage. Poverty isn’t directly correlated to educational underachievement. The measures used to assess for need are questionable e.g. primary kids don’t take GCSEs. And recruiting newbies and losing experienced members of staff is hardly to a pupil’s educational advantage.

But what is really eye-opening about TF’s approach to challenging schools is the complete and utter mismatch between TF schools and schools that are truly educationally disdavantaged i.e. those on special measures.

By end of 2009, 251 English schools were deemed be subject to special measures. That is,:

1. failing to give pupils an acceptable standard of education, and
2. the people responsible for leading, managing or governing not demonstrating the capacity to secure the necessary improvement.

To us special measures seems a pretty clear and straightforward measure of educational disadvantage. A school is either failing or not. If it is, the pupils are disadvantaged and TF – as a charity on a mission to address this – should be involved. The problem with the TF measure of educational disadvantage – the IDACI – is that it is about poverty, as much as anything else. And as we have noted poverty isn’t a proxy for educational disadvantage but one of many potential contributory causes.

According to OFSTED, the 56 secondary schools subject to special measures at the end of 2009 were:

Abbeydale Grange School – Sheffield
Alderman Smith School and Sports College – Warwickshire
Andrew Marvell Business and Enterprise College – Kingston upon Hull
Burleigh Community College – Leicestershire
Cecil Jones College – Southend-On-Sea
David Lister School – Kingston upon Hull
Denefield School – West Berkshire
Dyson Perrins CofE Sports College – Worcestershire
Elliott School – Wandsworth
Endeavour High School – Kingston upon Hull
Epsom and Ewell High School – Surrey
Evesham, Simon de Montfort Middle School – Worcestershire
Fullhurst Community College – Leicester
Furtherwick Park School – Essex
Handsworth Grange Community Sports College – Sheffield
Hatfield Visual Arts College – Doncaster
Humberston Maths and Computing College – North East Lincolnshire
Kirkley Community High School – Suffolk
Lawnswood School – Leeds
Magnus CofE School – Nottinghamshire
Medway Community College – Medway
Newfield Secondary School – Sheffield
Parklands High School – Liverpool
Parrs Wood High School – Manchester
Pensnett High School – Dudley
Queen Elizabeth’s Mercian School – Staffordshire
Queensbury School – Bradford
Richard Rose Central Academy – Cumbria
Saint George’s Church of England School – Kent
Sandon High School – Stoke-On-Trent
Scalby School – North Yorkshire
Seaham School of Technology – Durham
Sheffield Park Academy – Sheffield
Shuttleworth College – Lancashire
St John Fisher Catholic High School – Peterborough
St Neots Community College – Cambridgeshire
St Peter’s High School – Essex
Stretford Grammar School – Trafford
The Coleshill School – A Maths and Computing College – Warwickshire
The Hundred of Hoo Comprehensive School – Medway
The John Loughborough School – Haringey
The Lindsey School and Community Arts College – North East Lincolnshire
The Mountfitchet Mathematics and Computing College – Essex
The Park High School – Norfolk
The Royal Docks Community School – Newham
The Rushden Community College Specialising in Mathematics and Computing – Northamptonshire
The Verdin High School – Cheshire West and Chester
Thornaby Community School – Stockton-on-Tees
Unity College – Northamptonshire
Weston Favell School – Northamptonshire
Wheatley Park School – Oxfordshire
Wilmington Enterprise College – Kent
Winterton Comprehensive School with Specialist Status in Engineering – North Lincolnshire
Woodside Middle School – Bedford

What is striking is that on Ofsted’s list of 56 secondary schools subject to special measures, only 1 – Shuttleworth College in Lancashire – is on TF’s list of schools.

And this quite amazing disparity between TF ‘challenging’ schools and special measures schools is even more evident with primary schools.

The following 171 primary schools are on OFSTED’s 2009 list of schools subject to special measures:

Ackton Pastures Primary School – Wakefield
All Saints Church of England Primary School, Stand – Bury
Allenton Community Primary School – Derby
Appleton Primary School – Kingston upon Hull
Arthur Dye Primary School – Gloucestershire
Ashwood Park Primary School – Dudley
Aslacton Primary School – Norfolk
Bankwood Community Primary School – Sheffield
Barn Croft Primary School – Waltham Forest
Barnehurst Junior (Foundation) School – Bexley
Beech Hill Community Primary School – Wigan
Bell Lane Combined School – Buckinghamshire
Bell Wood Community Primary School – Kent
Bellinge Primary School – Northamptonshire
Bemerton St John Church of England Aided Primary School – Wiltshire
Bentfield Primary School – Essex
Bewbush Community Primary – West Sussex
Bewsey Lodge Primary School – Warrington
Blueberry Park – Liverpool
Boston Staniland Primary & Nursery School – Lincolnshire
Bridgewater Primary School – Salford
Broadlands Primary School – Herefordshire
Brooklands Primary School – Greenwich
Broom Valley Community School – Rotherham
Browney Primary School – Durham
Brownhills West Primary School – Walsall
Caen Community Primary School – Devon
Calcot Junior School – West Berkshire
Callands Primary School – Warrington
Canberra Primary School – Hammersmith and Fulham
Causeway Green Primary School – Sandwell
Chineham Park Primary School – Hampshire
Christ Church Pellon CofE VC Primary School – Calderdale
Cleves Primary School – Newham
Compton C.E. Primary School – West Berkshire
Conway Primary School – Birmingham
Cottage Grove Primary School – Portsmouth
Courthouse Green Primary School – Coventry
Crab Lane Primary School – Manchester
Cragside CofE Controlled Primary School – Northumberland
Crawford Primary School – Southwark
Crockerne Church of England Primary School – North Somerset
Culvers House Primary School – Sutton
Dearne Goldthorpe Primary School – Barnsley
Deepcar St John’s Church of England Junior School – Sheffield
Denaby Main Primary School – Doncaster
Dilhorne Endowed CofE (VA) Primary School – Staffordshire
Dorothy Barley Junior School and Special Needs Base (MLD) – Barking and Dagenham
Ducklington Primary School – Oxfordshire
Dukesgate Primary School – Salford
East Park Junior School – Wolverhampton
Elmhurst School – Buckinghamshire
Elmrise Primary School – Bournemouth
Ethel Wainwright Primary School – Nottinghamshire
Farfield Primary and Nursery School – Bradford
Farnworth Church of England Controlled Primary School – Halton
Filton Avenue Junior School – Bristol
Fosse Primary School – Leicester
Foundry Primary School – Birmingham
George Eliot Infants’ School – Westminster
Germander Park School – Milton Keynes
Glenfrome Primary School – Bristol
Good Shepherd Catholic Primary School – Croydon
Goose Green Primary School – Southwark
Gordon Junior School – Medway
Great Harwood St John’s Church of England Primary School – Lancashire
Hall Road Primary School – Kingston upon Hull
Hallgate Primary School Cottingham – East Riding of Yorkshire
Harden Primary School – Walsall
Haslington Primary School – Cheshire East
Haveley Hey Community School – Manchester
Henry Fawcett Primary School – Lambeth
Heronswood Primary School – Worcestershire
Heyworth Primary School – West Sussex
Hibaldstow Primary School – North Lincolnshire
Highfields Primary School – Doncaster
Highley Community Primary School – Shropshire
Hollin Primary School – Rochdale
Holmfield Primary School – Leicestershire
Huthwaite All Saint’s CofE (Aided) Infant School – Nottinghamshire
Hylton Red House Primary School – Sunderland
Jervoise Junior and Infant School – Birmingham
John Rankin Junior School – West Berkshire
Killamarsh Junior School – Derbyshire
Kiwi Primary School – Wiltshire
Knights Templar Church of England/Methodist Commununity School – Somerset
Langley Primary School – Sandwell
Larkholme Primary School – Lancashire
Lickhill Primary School – Worcestershire
Little Dewchurch CofE Primary School – Herefordshire
Lyon Park Junior School – Brent
Manchester Road Primary School – Tameside
Manor Primary School – Wirral
Marish Primary School – Slough
Marlborough Road Primary School – Salford
Meath Green Junior School – Surrey
Milton Court Primary School – Kent
Monteagle Primary School – Barking and Dagenham
Moorhead Primary School – Derby
Moorlands Junior School – Bath and North East Somerset
Morton Trentside Primary School – Lincolnshire
Mount Pleasant Primary School – Darlington
Newgate Lane Primary School – Nottinghamshire
Newport School – Waltham Forest
Nyewood CofE Junior School – West Sussex
Oakfield Junior School – Surrey
Offa’s Mead Primary School – Gloucestershire
Okehampton Primary School – Devon
Old Hall Drive Primary School – Manchester
Orchards Church of England Primary School – Cambridgeshire
Our Lady Roman Catholic Primary School – Camden
Pells Church of England Primary School – East Sussex
Pinehurst Primary School – Liverpool
Pontefract the Rookeries Carleton Junior and Infant School – Wakefield
Portfield Community Primary School – West Sussex
Primrose Hill Community School – Birmingham
Priory Green Primary School – Wolverhampton
Quarry Hill Junior School – Thurrock
Queensmead Community Primary School – Leicester
Ravensdale Junior School – Derby
Ridge Hill Primary School and Nursery – Tameside
Robin Hood Junior School – Sutton
Romsey Abbey Church of England Primary School – Hampshire
Roscoe Primary School – Liverpool
Salisbury, Manor Fields Primary School – Wiltshire
Shaw Hill Primary School – Birmingham
Shepton Mallet Infants’ School – Somerset
Sherdley Primary School – St. Helens
Shinfield St Mary’s CofE Junior School – Wokingham
Sinclair Primary and Nursery School – Southampton
Siskin Junior School – Hampshire
Skinner Street Primary School – Medway
Slater Primary School – Leicester
Smallwood Primary School and Language Unit – Wandsworth
Southmead School – Devon
Spinney Junior School – Essex
St Christopher’s Church of England School, Cowley – Oxfordshire
St Clement’s Church of England Primary School – Birmingham
St Francis Catholic Primary School – Bradford
St John CofE Primary School, Kearsley – Bolton
St John’s CofE Primary School – Worcestershire
St Margaret Mary’s RC Primary School Manchester – Manchester
St Margaret’s CofE Junior Infant and Nursery School – Oldham
St Mark’s CofE (A) Primary School – Stoke-On-Trent
St Mary and St John Junior and Infant School – Birmingham
St Mary Cray Primary School – Bromley
St Mary’s Church of England Primary School, Burton – Northamptonshire
St Mary’s CofE (VA) Primary School – Worcestershire
St Matthew’s CofE School – Cumbria
St Matthias Church of England Primary School – Worcestershire
St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School – Nottinghamshire
St Patrick’s RC Primary School – Manchester
St Paul’s and All Hallows CofE Junior School – Haringey
St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School – Merton
St Wulstan’s Catholic Primary School – Staffordshire
Stafford Junior School – East Sussex
Sutton Road Primary School – Nottinghamshire
Talavera Junior School – Hampshire
The Henry Prince CofE (C) First School – Staffordshire
The King George VI School, Great Bircham – Norfolk
Tupton Primary School – Derbyshire
Upton Heath CofE Primary School – Cheshire West and Chester
Vauxhall Primary School – Lambeth
Warren Wood Community Primary School and Language Unit – Medway
Warwick Primary School – Northamptonshire
Waterman Primary School – Essex
Welbeck Primary School – Newcastle Upon Tyne
Well Lane Primary School – Wirral
Weston Primary School – Halton
Whitefield Infant School – Luton
William Bellamy Junior School – Barking and Dagenham
Winklebury Junior School – Hampshire
Wirksworth Junior School – Derbyshire
Wykeham Primary School – Havering
Wylye Valley Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School – Wiltshire
Yardley Wood Community Primary School – Birmingham
Yarnfield Primary School – Birmingham

Of these special measures primary schools, only 1 – Yardleys in Birmingham – appears on TF’s list (and we’re not even sure if that is one and the same school!). In other words, that’s only one school from roughly 170 primary schools in England that have been deemed to be critical.

It would seem then that TF isn’t addressing educational disadvantage as well as it might. In fact, you would have a strong case for arguing that TF isn’t doing it at all.

It would also seem that TF’s mission is slightly different to what is painted. For example, TF’s mission could be said to be as much about giving future blue-chip company recruits a few life skills for a couple of years and reducing blue chip tax bills at the same time while – and this is the best part – having future employees’ training paid for by the UK taxpayer.

Meanwhile, due to TF, schools can reduce their wage bill. They can offload experienced but expensive staff and recruit cheaper but undertrained TF newbies – instead of employing fully-trained and qualified NQTs as they ought to. It also enables school managers and the government to get around current wage agreements.

All the time, lastly, the very real yet very complex reasons of structural origin for educational disadvantage remain untouched. And why should we expect anything else when those very same blue-chip companies who fund TF would stand to lose profits and influence if the underlying causes of inequality were tackled head on.

It appears then that TF has some questions to answer as the suspicion grows that this ‘charity’ is nothing but a rather clever recruitment and training agency for leading multinationals, with convenient spin-offs for managers looking to lower costs, and not really at all about raising levels of achievement of disadvantaged pupils in challenging situations.


* Here is an alphabetised list of TF’s 240 or so schools (17/1/2010):

Abraham Moss High School Manchester
Addington High School Croydon
Alexandra High School and Sixth Form Centre Sandwell
All Saints Catholic High School Knowsley
Alsop High School Technology & Applied Learning Specialist College Liverpool
Alumwell Business and Enterprise College Walsall
Archbishop Grimshaw Catholic High School Solihull
Archbishop Lanfranc School Croydon
Astley Sports College and Community High School Tameside
Aston Manor School Birmingham
Avon Valley School, Rugby Warwickshire
Aylesford School – Sports College Maidstone
Babington Community Technology College Leicester
Balby Carr Community Sports College Doncaster
Barnhill Community High School Hillingdon
Barr Beacon Language College Walsall
Barrs Hill School Walsall
Bartley Green School Birmingham
Basildon Academies Basildon
Baverstock Foundation School & Specialist Sports College Birmingham
Bethnal Green Technology College Tower Hamlets
Bexley Business Academy Bexley
Bishop Douglass RC High School Barnet
Blue Coat CofE Comprehensive School Walsall
Blue Gate Fields Primary School Tower Hamlets
Bolton St Catherine’s Academy Bolton
Bow School Tower Hamlets
Bradford Academy Bradford
Broadway School Birmingham
Brookfield High Knowsley
Brownhills Community Technology College Walsall
Bruntcliffe School
Burlington Danes Academy Hammersmith and Fulham
Burnage Media Arts College Manchester
Bushey Academy Harrow
Business Academy at Bexley (Primary) Bexley
Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College Bradford
Capital City Academy Brent
Carlton Bolling College Bradford
Carr Manor High School Leeds
Castle Vale School & Specialist performing Arts College Birmingham
Cathedral CofE High School Wakefield
Cator Park School for Girls Bromley
Central Foundation Girls School Tower Hamlets
Charles Edward Brooke School Lambeth
Chaucer Business & Enterprise College Sheffield
Chorlton High School Manchester
City of Leeds School Leeds
City of London Academy, Islington Islington
City of London Academy, Southwark Southwark
Clapton Girls’ Technology College Hackney
Cockburn College of Arts Leeds
Coinsborough College Lewisham
Copley High School Tameside
Counthill School Oldham
Crayford Temple Grove Primary Bexley
Crown Woods School Greenwich
Culloden Primary School Tower Hamlets
Da Vinci Community College Derby
David Young Academy Leeds
Debden Park High School Essex
Dixons Allerton Academy
Djanogly City Academy Nottingham
Dormers Wells High School Ealing
Downs View Primary School Croydon
Droylsden Acadeny Tameside
Eastbury Comprehensive School Barking and Dagenham
Eastwood Comprehensive School Nottinghamshire
Egerton Park Arts College Tameside
Elmgreen School Lambeth
Eltham Green Specialist Sports College Greenwich
Ernesford Grange Community School Coventry
Essa Academy Bolton
Failsworth School Oldham
Fazakerley High School Liverpool
Feltham Community College Hounslow
Firth Park Community Arts College Sheffield
Four Dwellings High School Birmingham
Fulham Cross School Hammersmith and Fulham
Fullhurst Community College Leicester
Garston Academy Liverpool
George Tomlinson School Bolton
Gladys Aylward School Enfield
Globe Academy Southwark
Golden Hillock School Birmingham
Grace Academy Darlaston Walsall
Grace Academy Solihull Solihull
Grange Technology College Bradford
Greenford High School Ealing
Greig City Academy Haringey
Haberdashers’ Aske’s Hatcham College Lewisham
Haberdashers’ Aske’s Knights Academy Lewisham
Haggerston School Hackney
Harborne Academy Birmingham
Harris Academy, Bermondsey Southwark
Harris Academy, Peckham Southwark
Harris Academy, Purley Croydon
Harris Academy, South Norwood Croydon
Harris Girls Academy, East Dulwich Southwark
Heartlands Academy Birmingham
Highbury Grove School Islington
Hillside High School Sefton
Hinde House School Sheffield
Hodge Hill Sports and Enterprise College Birmingham
Holly Lodge Girls College Liverpool
Hurlingham and Chelsea School Hammersmith and Fulham
Immanuel College Bradford
International School and Community College East Birmingham Birmingham
Islington Arts and Media School Islington
Kemnal Technology College Bromley
King Harold School Essex
Kings CofE High School Wolverhampton
Kings Heath Boys Mathematics & Computing College Birmingham
Kings Norton High School Birmingham
Kingsbury School and Sports College Birmingham
Kingsford Community School Newham
Kingsmead School Enfield
Kirkby College Nottinghamshire
Kirkby Sports College Center for Learning Knowsley
Laisterdyke Business & Enterprise College
Lambeth Academy Lambeth
Lammas School Waltham Forest
Lea Valley High School Enfield
Lee Chapel Primary School Basildon
Leeds West Academy Leeds
Little Ilford School Newham
Little Lever School Specialist Language College Bolton
Longford Community School Hounslow
Loxford School of Science and Technology Redbridge
Manchester Academy Manchester
Manchester Creative & Media Academy for Boys Manchester
Manchester Creative & Media Academy for Girls Manchester
Manchester Health Academy Manchester
Mandeville Primary School Tower Hamlets
Manning Comprehensive School Leicester
Manorfield Primary Tower Hamlets
Mellow Lane College Hillingdon
Menzies High School Science College Sandwell
Mill Hill School Derbyshire
Mossbourne Community Academy Hackney
Mulberry School for Girls Tower Hamlets
New Charter Academy Tameside
New College Leicester Leicester
Nicholas Chamberlaine School, Bedworth Warwickshire
Nightingale Academy Enfield
Noel Baker Community College Derby
Northbrook CE Secondary School Lewisham
Northumberland Park Community School Haringey
Oasis Academy MediaCityUK Salford
Oasis Academy, Coulsdon Croydon
Oasis Academy, Enfield Enfield
Oasis Academy, Hadley Enfield
Oasis Academy, Shirley Park (Ashburton) Primary Croydon
Old Ford Primary School Tower Hamlets
Oriel Primary School Hounslow
Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy
Paddington Academy Westminster
Park View Academy Haringey
Park View Business & Enterprise School Birmingham
Parklands Girls’ High School
Parkwood Academy Sheffield
Parliament Hill School Camden
Peckham Park Primary Southwark
Perry Beaches Birmingham
Petchey Academy Hackney
Pimlico Academy Westminster
Pinkwell Primary Hillingdon
Plumstead Manor School Greenwich
Portland School Nottinghamshire
Primrose High School Leeds
Quarrydale School Nottinghamshire
Quentin Kynaston School Westminster
Robert Clack School Barking and Dagenham
Rosedale College Hillingdon
Royston Primary School Bromley
RSA Academy Sandwell
Samworth Church Academy Nottinghamshire
Sandwell Academy Sandwell
Sandwell Park Hall School Solihull
Sheffield Srpings Academy Sheffield
Shirelands Collegiate Academy Sandwell
Shirley Park Academy Croydon
Shorefields School Liverpool
Shuttleworth College Lancashire
Sidney Stringer School Coventry
Sion-Manning School Kensington and Chelsea
Sir John Plessington Catholic College Wirral
Sir John Thursby Community College Lancashire
Smith’s Wood Sports School Solihull
St Anne’s Academy Rochdale
St Matthews RC High School Manchester
St Wilfrid’s Catholic High School Sefton
St. Alban’s Academy Birmingham
St. Augustine’s CE High School Westminster
St. Catherine’s Catholic High School Halifax
St. George’s RC School Westminster
St. Marylebone School Westminster
St. Michael’s & All Angels Academy Southwark
St. Paul’s Academy Greenwich
St. Saviour’s and St. Olave’s School Southwark
St. Stephen’s CofE Primary School Lambeth
Stockley Academy Hillingdon
Stretford Academy Trafford
Stuart Bathurst Catholic High School & College of Performing Arts Sandwell
Swan Valley Community School Dartford
Swanley Technology College Ashford
Sydenham School Lewisham
The Business Academy Bexley
The City of Leicester College Leicester
The Dearne – A Specialist Humanities College Barnsley
The Harefield Academy Hillingdon
The Lancaster School Leicester
The London Academy Ealing
The Nottingham Bluecoat School and Technology College Nottingham
The Nottingham Emmanuel School Nottingham
The Queen Elizabeth’s (1591) Endowed School Nottinghamshire
The Quest Academy Croydon
The Samworth Enterprise Academy Leicester
Tidemill Primary School Lewisham
Unity College Lancashire
Uxbridge High School Hillingdon
Valley Comprehensive School Nottinghamshire
Villiers High School Ealing
Walsall Academy Walsall
Walthamstow Academy Waltham Forest
Walworth Academy Southwark
Waverley School Birmingham
Welling School Bexley
Wembley High Technology College Brent
West Drayton Primary School Hillingdon
West London Academy Ealing
West London Academy Primary Ealing
Westfield Community Technology College Watford
Westminster Academy Westminster
Wombwell High School Barnsley
Woodberry Downs Federation Hackney
Woodside High School Haringey
Wright Robinson Sports College Manchester
Yardleys School Birmingham
Yewlands Technology College Sheffield


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