Nice Work If You Can Get It

Private Eye report that Sally Morgan, new Ofsted honcho, and adviser to school privatisation champions, ARK, will work only 2 days but be paid £45K pa.

Aside from the fact that no-one is worth that much for a couple of days work, it also means that the head of the schools inspection body gets to say whether academies (that she is herself a champion of) are performing badly or not.

It also means that two of the most powerful people in UK education – Morgan and Michael Barber – work for companies – ARK and McKinsey – that would like nothing better than to run education themselves.

The Tory strategy sadly is all too clear: Privatisation.

They reason that the market knows best and our schools should be doing much better. Both of which are exaggerated if not completely false claims.

And the Education Secretary wants MORE powers?!

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