If You Thought Things Couldn’t Get Any Worse: The Return of Michael Barber?

The word on the grapevine and now at least one UK daily is that McKinsey’s Mr. Targets himself, Sir Michael Barber, was all set to return as chief of the Department for Education.

We’re not the only ones dismayed by this news as so were senior civil servants apparently. While other notables such as Chris Woodhead, former head of Ofsted, thought it odd that a Nu Lab man and now head of McKinsey’s Global Education department should be so popular with the Tories.

There are also thousands and thousands of teachers and school managers who upon hearing the news that the Lord of the Target’s return was even considered will have their fingers permanently and tightly crossed that it isn’t and never comes true.

This news highlights again the very real and very close links between Tory education policy and one very controversial management consultancy firm: McKinsey & Co.

And also highlights the glaring and increasing disconnect between Gove and the rest of us.

What ever next?!

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