Former Times Editor Gove’s Silence Speaking Volumes

With the revelations surrounding Murdoch’s newspaper empire coming thick and fast, there is one Member of the UK Parliament who has remained strangely quiet given his links to News International, his former employer.

The MP? Our own Education Secretary Michael Gove.

That is, former Times journalist Michael Gove.

That is, the husband of Sarah Vine a fellow Times journalist.

That is, the former Times Leader Writer, Comment Editor, News Editor, Saturday Editor and Assistant Editor Michael Gove.

While Gove wrote for the Times, one of his bête noires was the BBC and their supposed left-wing bias (you can look here at the Times’ website if you wish to contribute to Murdoch’s retirement, or here for free at The New Statesmen).

Seems Gove was happy to peddle the Murdoch-Tory line about that.

Does the former Assistant Times Editor then have anything to tell us about what went on during his time there? Or, were the Goves otherwise engaged?

And, as we have wondered in previous posts (EducationState passim), is Michael Gove a “fit and proper person” for Education Secretary?

Is it right that this man, a man who edited a newspaper for a corporation that it has been alleged hacked into the phones of thousands of celebrities, politicians, policemen and ordinary people including young murder and 9/11 victims, and the families of war dead, be responsible for the lives of the vast majority of young and vulnerable people in the UK?

We think not.


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