World Literacy Summit – April 1-4 2012, Oxford, UK.

To the EducationState team!

We are writing to introduce ourselves, The World Literacy Foundation, and a Global summit we are holding in April of this year.

The World Literacy Foundation is an independent not-for-profit charitable body founded in Australia in 2003. The foundation is committed to providing projects and programs to break the cycle of low levels of literacy in the developing world.


The World Literacy Summit 2012 will be held in Oxford this coming April and  will serve as a platform to discuss future action through the Summit’s key theme “From Poverty, to Literacy, to a Future”. We aim to create a unique opportunity for delegates to build a practical and collaborative approach that will work toward a shared goal; enabling the  67 million of  un-schooled children get an education and allow for the hundreds of millions more to have the opportunity to  learn more effectively, starting with literacy.


The Summit will bring together leading educators and leading literacy organisations from around the world to discuss and build sustainable solutions to help those living in social isolation caused by their inability to read or write.


Themes that will be addressed at the Summit include:

  • The Millennium Development Goals
  • Future strategies toward education for all, including those of GPE and any other possible New technologies in learning
  • Recent research in the fields of literacy and education
  • Policy changes to improve literacy levels
  • Investigation into how NGOs and the Government relate with one another in the literacy sector
  • Illiteracy in specific areas of the developing world
  • Illiteracy in urban areas of the developed world
  • The economic and social impact of illiteracy
  • The link between illiteracy and health


As an education news blog, we would greatly appreciate you mentioning us and our up and coming Oxford summit on your page. You can view more information on our event at or alternatively ‘Like us’ on on Facebook  (World Literacy Foundation)  or ‘Follow us’ on Twitter @WorldLiteracy.

If you could forward on information to relevant networks that are interested in this global issue we are addressing or can suggest any other key contacts, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Kind regards,


The World Literacy Summit Steering Committee

Dr Tony Cree, CEO of the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation, Australia

Dr Donald Green, Vice President of Ferris University, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Mr Andrew Kay, CEO of the World Literacy Foundation, Australia
Mr Lachlan Macindoe, Youth Ambassador & Advocate, Australia

Mr Keith Hutchence, broadcaster, author and journalist, UK
Mr Peter Ma, Director, Chi Fat International, Hong Kong

Miss Trish Patel, Event Management, New Zealand


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