AET uses online tutoring to support disadvantaged children

12 April 2011, CambridgeshireAET, a multi-academy sponsor, today announces an online tutoring partnership with TLC Education Group, designed to raise the attainment of the students in its member academies.

AET is deploying TLC’s online tutoring service, TLC Live! in a number of schools in its academy network, to support children eligible for the £1.25bn 2012-2013 Pupil Premium allowance. After trialling the platform, the AET believes the personalised learning programmes provided by fully qualified UK-based teachers will raise the pupils’ academic attainment.

AET CEO David Triggs, says TLC Live! is a very good solution for an increasing requirement for extra-curricular tuition and attainment support: “The Pupil Premium is a resource which must be carefully invested according to the needs of each student in order to improve attainment. TLC Live! was the natural choice from those explored; its assessment tool allows us to easily focus on the areas in which children need extra help, and the solution enables our academies to raise academic attainment by providing each student with tailored support and individual attention from  fully qualified, UK-based teachers.”

TLC founder Simon Barnes notes that TLC Live! is a popular solution for schools looking to deliver on their Pupil Premium spend: “More schools are looking for tutoring programmes with fully qualified CRB-checked teachers as they’re naturally reluctant to put their children in contact with unregulated tutors. The TLC Live! experience is finely tuned and based on the current national curriculum. Our programme, which first identifies areas of focus then creates a tutoring plan for each student, is a proven method of raising attainment.”

Recent changes to the Pupil Premium include broader eligibility requirements and a rise in allowance to £600 per child. Children registered for Free School Meals (FSM) at any time in the past six years are now eligible for the allowance, which includes looked after children and children of British citizens currently serving in the Armed Forces. From September, schools will be required to publish how they have spent the Pupil Premium, a measure intended to deter wasted spending and drive performance.



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About TLC Education Group


TLC Education Group was founded in July 2010 by managing director Simon Barnes and specialises in maths, English and science tuition, GCSE and common entrance exam preparation, for children aged between 6 and 16. TLC Education Group is the only tutoring organisation to have centres in schools all year around, and offers afterschool, tailored, individual learning programmes to pupils in local communities, as well as online lessons through TLC Live!. TLC Education Group currently has an independent tutoring centre in Cambridge and five further centres housed within the following schools: Samuel Ward Academy, Wymondham High School, Coleridge Community College, Parkside Community College and the Open Academy.

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