Apprenticeships or College?

Leaving mainstream education can be the scariest time of a teenager’s life. The comforts which you have often took for granted are snatched from under you, and you are forced to make potentially life moulding decisions. Knowing exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life at the age of 17 is […]

The Intern Dogsbody Video

Interns Anonymous

“Interns Anonymous was set up in March 2009 by two graduates – Alex Try and Rosy Rickett – who were both working as unpaid interns. In the past two years they have been contacted by hundreds of interns, and have tried to shine a light on the problems in the graduate job market. This is […]

David Willett’s Internship

The Man With Two Brains

Trying to make a success of something that you shouldn’t – unless your Chemical Ali, of course – Minister for Universities and Science “Two Brains” Willetts commenting on the High Fliers annual report on the graduate recruitment market in 2011 seems to think working for nothing is something to applaud. He is quoted as saying: […]

Teach First ‘Teachers’ on the Cheap

Living Wage

A little investigating goes a long way, and we didn’t have to look very far to discover paltry salaries for Teach First unqualified non-teachers. On the website of this ‘charity’, a very detailed breakdown is given of how young graduates will be exploited: “Unqualified Teachers pay scale from 1 September 2010 Minimum Annual Salary England […]

The Best Internship Ever?

“Hi, This past summer Sierra Club offered the chance to apply to the Best Internship on Earth, a position that is a cross between film maker and nature enthusiast. This year Evan Geary was chosen for this new and coveted internship, beating out hundreds of other highly qualified applicants with his winning submission video. Evan […]

Internship UK

We read that the Government wishes to set up an internship scheme to assist graduates looking for work in these, apparently, desperate times. Internships are notorious for exploiting the intern, treating them as lackeys and not providing any real job experience at all. Indeed, lets not forget that in a recession there will be less […]


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