The End is Nigh for the IfL

We cannot contain our joy that the Institute for Learning/Leaving (IfL) set up in 2002 to ‘professionalise’ the UK’s Further Education and Skills Sector teacher pool but widely credited with alienating already disillusioned teachers and causing much confusion and unnecessary anxiety along the way has been given its own pink slip and told to clear […]

Unions Half-Price IfL Fee Deal

The latest update from the Institute for Leaving (IfL) on fees has been published. It seems that the IfL is not giving up without a fight and rather than smell the coffee they’ve brokered a deal that will see it retain union support in return for halving its annual tax from £68 to £38 (for […]

We Told You So: IfL & Tuition Fees Review

It is not our style to engage in a round of back-patting but recent news regarding the Institute for Learning and Browne’s Tuition Fees Review was not exactly news to us. Firstly, the IfL demands for a £68 annual fee have been met with howls of derision not least because no-one can work out what […]

Figure Crunching

Number of apprenticeships to be created by 2014 according to Vince “Janus” Cable: 100,000 Number of young people currently unemployed in the UK and the worst figures since records began: 953,000 (20% of 16-24 year olds). Nice one, Vince. Only 850,000 to go. It is a shame you’ve trebled tuition fees and scrapped the EMA […]

Burnham and Stuart on Education Maintenance Allowance

Hole Digging

On the BBC further Tory hole-digging is not hard to find. Shadow Education Secretary Andy Burnham explains why he wants to save the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) aimed at keeping poorer children in education. Listen HERE. Education Select Committee chairman Graham Stuart admitted the government plan could have a “damaging impact” but said there would […]

Save the Education Maintenance Allowance

“Save the EMA – Get organised for 13 December 2010 The government intends to axe the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for college students in England. This will have a massive impact on those families in our communities who most need support to undertake education. The EMA is a means-tested allowance of between £10 and £30, […]

More money, less strings

The fact that the euphemistically-titled Spending Review has guaranteed an increase in money for schools is usually applauded. That this money – an extra £4bn – is coming at a time when those in FE and HE face hefty cuts will raise little cheer for those who are paying mortgages, have children to feed and […]

The Alan Johnson Debacle

Alan “Postie” Johnson, under attack by usually passive scientists, is aiming to deflect attention from his pathetic attempt to stifle freedom of expression last week by ordering YET ANOTHER review of a Government body that isn’t doing what it’s supposed to i.e do exactly as it’s told. You may be asking what this has to […]

WMD and Education Research

Recent headlines have highlighted how education research findings must be treated with a little suspicion. Contrast the findings of the government-funded UK Commission for Employment and Skills (Ukces) review into further and higher education, which calls for yet more league tables – this time in FE – with the Cambridge Primary Review that calls for […]

Does Facebook reduce ‘student drop-outs’?

The BBC today report that Facebook ‘cuts student drop-outs’. But does it? Is there any evidence for this claim? No and we’ll show you why. Firstly, this article isn’t really about the this claim at all as only 2 passages out of 18 in the article refer to it: 1. “”There has been a significant […]


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