Changing Education Paradigms – Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson

This Royal Society of Arts animate was adapted from a talk given at the RSA by Sir Ken Robinson. For more information on Sir Ken’s work visit his website [youtube][/youtube]

Testing Lowers Standards

Scrooge Humbug

Have Gilbert and OfSTED had an epiphany and seen the light? Or knowing that her days as honcho are numbered is she getting her own back? For an organisation so determined to kowtow to politicians and hold on to power and funds, today’s Successful Science report is quite remarkable. In its report based on the […]

Why Great Teachers Quit

This is a great book by Katy Farber. No connection to us but echoes much of what we have to say. “Available July 2010 from Corwin Press and Amazon, and most major booksellers. Learn why today’s best teachers are leaving- from the teachers themselves. Low pay, increased responsibilities, and high stakes standardized testing– these are […]

Michael Morpurgo’s Third-Class Life

The Gruaniad has an excellent article on the artificiality and crudity of exam grades and worth including in full: “It was recently reported in this paper that I was proud to have received a third-class degree. Not really. But at 66 it is true to say I am no longer as ashamed of it as […]

Tory Education Policy

We thought that it would be a good idea now that New Labour have pressed self-destruct to consider the other crews’ Education policies. So starting with the new friendlier, tree-hugging but still fabulously wealthy Tories let’s take a look: “Schools Education is the most powerful means by which individuals can be given the freedom to […]

How’s he going to do that, then?

WE at EducationState can only thank Gordon Brown for his wonderfully vague and awe-uninspiring comments regarding the future of the UK’s education system. Apparently, he’s going to make it ‘world class’, whatever that means. He could make it really ‘world class’ by: 1. getting rid of standards, targets and all the other meaningless twaddle that […]

Man in the Middle

If you ever wondered who is/was responsible for Education Policy in the UK then look no further than this man… Education Reform Lessons from England An Interview with Sir Michael Barber Publication Date: January 13, 2006 England’s education system has undergone rapid and ambitious reform in the past decade. In 1997, a newly-elected Labour government, […]

Americanisation of Education in the UK

EducationState has discovered that New Labour seems to be adopting wholesale the reforms and innovations implemented in the USA during the 90’s. This is not new. It has been well-documented that the PR strategy of Mandelson and his cronies was taken almost ad verbatim from the successful focus group-led Clinton Presidential campaign and administration some […]

Reverse Ageism In Education

Does adultism exist in education? Are younger members of staff discriminated against because of their age? Are the centralizing tendencies of the current regime about distrust of the recent influx of younger teachers? Do you have to dress and speak like a Baby Boomer to get on in life? Clearly recent innovations in educational theory […]

Guinea Pigs

WE hate exams. Really, really, really. When teachers become lab scientists and learners become lab rats then you know something is wrong. Testing DOES NOT equal learning. What testing only achieves is assess the environment of the students i.e. their parents, peers, school, subculture and social class. By grading students you are simply putting into […]


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