Imperial College Tuition Fee Mutiny

It has just been formally announced that Imperial College will charge the maximum £9k per year for their degree courses from 2012. But why is this Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine (STEM) university charging the full amount when the science teaching budget is ring-fenced? A mutiny indeed. Time for OFFA to flex its muscles? We […]

Russell Group Red Herrings

The battle lines over control of tuition fees have been drawn and its plain to see the fight will be dirty. We say this after receiving one Russell Group uni newsletter where it looks to us that their strategy is to divert attention away as much as possible from the matter at hand i.e. putting […]

£9000? On yer bike…to Scotland

The BBC reports that the Coalition of One will now be charging students £9000 tuition fees from 2012. Why anyone would pay for an English university course now is beyond us. Overcrowded, poorly-staffed and horribly overcharged doesn’t seem a recipe for quality education. With all this in mind, and for those who haven’t cottoned on […]

The Quasi-Private World of the UK University

We have been provided with some Russell Group news that surprised us. “Going private: now it isn’t the LSE I noted in the Newsletter two weeks ago newspaper speculation that Cambridge was considering going private. It ran for a few days, despite – or perhaps because of – being officially denied. This week the same […]

Internationalisation of HE

International students, as is commonly known, have been the life-support machine of universities in the UK for many years now. It is not surprising to learn that one Russell Group university has only 30% undergraduate students. This is mirrored across the country as HE UK is increasingly seen as a business opoortunity and less of […]

Can’t pay, won’t pay!

Given that not one single person among Lord Browne-nose’s Comedy Tuition Fees Review, the Blue Rinsers or the Yellows is currently brave enough to actually make an announcement regarding the issues of student finance in the future, it’s surprising that the media have been so kind. If we were current or future students, we’d be […]

Help Wanted: Revolutionary to fight for penniless students!

With the Russell Group and other selfish and ungrateful universities continue to persuade the Government that charging students more is the only way to maintain the UK’s competiveness in research, future students must be thinking that all is lost. Despite the fact that all the middle-aged people working at UK universitities didn’t pay a penny […]


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