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And it justs gets worse for the Lib-Tory Coalition: “The following universities are currently being occupied (please let us know if our list is out of date). It would be worth paying a visit to any occupations in your area, and certainly sending messages of solidarity. And students, several of these occupations have issued calls […]

David Willetts’ Two Brains Go AWOL

Funny to think that David Willetts just doesn’t get it. The BBC report that Universities Minister David Willetts thought ‘students had not seemed to have understood the proposals on fees – and that they would not have to pay the higher fees up-front.’ David, David, students and their parents can’t afford to pay tuition fees […]

Oxford students DON’T back plan to raise tuition fees

The story of Oxford University’s supposed support for tuition fees is again indicative of the terrible state of UK education journalism. First things first, this wasn’t an Oxford Uni vote as the headline makes out. This was a Christ Church College vote. One of 38 colleges at Oxford University. Secondly, out of a student body […]

National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts

Vive La Révolution! “What is the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts? The National Campaign against Fees and Cuts is a group of activists from universities, colleges and schools across the country that co-ordinate action against tuition fees and education funding cuts. Students were brought together by a realisation of the extent of the attacks […]

Is Education a Privilege or a Right?

The protests against recent proposals to charge UK students tuition fees have been largely met with sympathy from all sections of UK society. From comments pages, blogs and popular news features, however, it is clear that there is a vocal minority less sympathetic. The unsympathetic reason that education is a privilege and not a right […]

How to hit tuition fees without violence

The Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts march yesterday (11/11/10) was an eye-opener for many reasons. One reason why it drew our attention was the lack of unity shown by the student reps. The NUS leader seemed more intent on covering his own back by saying that the violence had overshadowed the purpose of the […]

Browne’s HEFCE stitch-up

In Browne’s Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance when it comes to the task of allocating public money to the right university courses, we are told that the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) will decide (See pp. 25, 47, for e.g.) Browne recommends that priority be given to “medicine, science […]

‘Browne’s Gamble’ by Stefan Collini

Strongly argued article in the London Review of Books by Stefan Collini. “Browne’s Gamble Stefan Collini * Securing a Sustainable Future for Higher Education: An Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance by Lord Browne et al 62 pp, October 2010 Much of the initial response to the Browne Report seems to have […]

‘Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts’

“Join us as we march on the streets of central London to fight against the looming, savage education cuts. NUS and UCU are jointly organising a national demonstration – ‘Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts’ – to take place on Wednesday 10 November 2010. Meet at Horse Guards Avenue – 11.30am.”

£9000? On yer bike…to Scotland

The BBC reports that the Coalition of One will now be charging students £9000 tuition fees from 2012. Why anyone would pay for an English university course now is beyond us. Overcrowded, poorly-staffed and horribly overcharged doesn’t seem a recipe for quality education. With all this in mind, and for those who haven’t cottoned on […]


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