Teach Like A Showman

A good showman is a person that has a sense or knack for an effective presentation of an animal. Showmanship is the one area of exhibiting beef cattle over which you have the most control. In showmanship, you are judged on your abilities to control and present your steer or heifer to bring out its […]

Lessons from London Schools, Self-Promotion and the Myth of Education Research

We were a little undecided as to whether or not to write this post because of the youthfulness of those involved in Lessons from London Schools: Investigating the Success (LLS), the study that we will critique, and not wanting for youthful enthusiasm to be overly dampened by what is to be said about the LLS […]

Gove’s Change Rhetoric: Education Secretary’s speech to ASCL

Michael Gove, UK Ed Sec, spoke at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) conference on the the 24 March 2012 so we thought we’d run through the justifications he could come up with for alienating both teachers and headteachers with his needless reforms. There was a defence of free schools and academies. There […]

Labour Twigg’s Time Warp: An Office for Educational Improvement, Evidence and Standards

The BBC reports today that Labour education spokesman Stephen Twigg has called for the creation of an independent office to raise standards in education in England. On so many grounds this is a mistake. We have written at length about standards in the past but it is clear that Time Warp Twigg, new to the […]

Standards Raising Standards

Yesterday’s announcement of yet more tinkering with the magical world of teaching standards was accompanied by words of support from this season’s Yes Men and Women and some Rumsfeldesque comments by the Gove-nor himself. “Headteachers and teachers have told me in no uncertain terms that the current teachers’ standards are ineffective, meaningless and muddy, fluffy […]

While The Cat’s Away…

For all those celebrating the news of Toby Young’s ‘free’ school funding green light, recent events in one Los Angeles’s charter school group should perhaps make us more than a little concerned about the future integrity of opt-out schools. The LA Times report that “The Los Angeles Board of Education voted Tuesday to begin the […]

How to hit tuition fees without violence

The Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts march yesterday (11/11/10) was an eye-opener for many reasons. One reason why it drew our attention was the lack of unity shown by the student reps. The NUS leader seemed more intent on covering his own back by saying that the violence had overshadowed the purpose of the […]

WMD and Education Research

Recent headlines have highlighted how education research findings must be treated with a little suspicion. Contrast the findings of the government-funded UK Commission for Employment and Skills (Ukces) review into further and higher education, which calls for yet more league tables – this time in FE – with the Cambridge Primary Review that calls for […]

League Tables for Everyone.

As this Government seem hell-bent on introducing league tables for absolutely everything, we thought it would be fun to come up with some of our own: 1. Weather fronts from March 6th to 27th 2. Fish eaten on Sundays before tea 3. Green vegetables that are boiled not steamed 4. Eyeliner 5. Cheese biscuits 6. […]


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