Teach First & Its Charitable Status

Charity Commission

Continuing our look at Teach First, we thought we’d look closer at how an organisation set up by a former McKinsey management consultant was able to acquire charitable status in the UK. In the UK, charities are looked after by the Charity Commission. On their website page ‘Is setting up a charity the right thing […]

OFSTED & Gove (not weak teachers) the biggest problems in schools

What’s not to love about OFSTED’s Christine Gilbert. The White Paper on Education is upon us and no better way to keep the inspectors in business than to tell everyone how bad everything is. What a load of nonsense. The only thing that’s really wrong with the UK’s education system – as we have said […]

Only literacy test scores ‘fall short’

“Ofsted inspectors say literacy standards ‘fall short’”, the Beeb reports. This simply isn’t true. What has really fallen short are literacy test scores not literacy standards. OfSTED are confusing scores with literacy levels. A child that does badly on a test isn’t necessarily lacking in literacy. They are just unable to score high enough on […]

More money, less strings

The fact that the euphemistically-titled Spending Review has guaranteed an increase in money for schools is usually applauded. That this money – an extra £4bn – is coming at a time when those in FE and HE face hefty cuts will raise little cheer for those who are paying mortgages, have children to feed and […]

The myth of inevitability

With the Spending Review about to be unleashed upon the British public and with Lord Browne’s joke review still on the minds of universities and middle-class parents, we wanted to draw attention to what we see as the most insiduous message that this Coalescent Government is sending. The cuts that are being undertaken are there […]

Constructive Dismissal in Education: a guide

It has come to our attention that the outdated and counterproductive managerialism found in schools shows no sign of crawling back under the rock that it came from. This dogmatic and wholly unedifying way to treat fellow human beings is at the heart of the peculiarly sickening manner in which ‘efficiencies’ are made in education. […]

Election 2010 Education wishlist

In “Ten education issues the new government should address“, former director of the Institute of Education (doesn’t say which one) Peter Mortimore tells us his wishlist for the next government. We also have a wishlist for the new party of the moment: 1. Entrust control of Education to an independent body accountable only to the […]

Inspection Racket

EducationState have little time for education inspectors. And why would we? They create unnecessary amounts of stress and bureaucracy. They waste time, money and other resources. And they are used an instrument of fear and control by Government. It has dawned on us, moreover, that they bear many similarities to some rather unpleasant characters who […]

Lord, oh Lord, Adonis

Most of our readers will no doubt remember Saddam Hussein’s press officer during the 2nd Gulf War, Comical Ali aka Baghdad Bob. He became known for his outrageous and simply ridiculous attempts to pretend to the world’s press corp that Saddam’s Iraq was far from imploding but actually resisting the Allied Forces (even while Baghdad […]

Observations on Observations

WE would like to offer our sympathies to all those hard-working teachers who have recently had to endure an observation grilling. As a result WE have put together a list of reasons why observations, at least in their current form, make little sense: 1. They lack objectivity because objectivity is unattainable. The mere selection of […]


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