Still No Special Measures for Teach First

The recent publication of OFSTED data on those schools causing concern in April 2011 has given us another chance to assess Teach First’s claim that they are addressing educational disadvantage. In England and Wales there are 322 Schools in Special Measures and 252 Teach First participating schools, of which only 5 (2%) are on OFSTED’s […]

It Seems Even Teach First Recruits Will Be Disposable

A very revealing story regarding the employment practices of Teach For America has emerged Stateside that has worrying implications for Teach First and other Teach For All organisation recruits. In a New York Daily News article‘Amid threat of layoffs, city is recruiting 500 new teachers for next fall‘ we are told that ‘even as the […]

Are Free Schools A Little Rock In The Making?

A May 18th lawsuit organised by teaching union UFT and the NAACP against school charterisation in NYC has been likened to the battle against racial segregation in schools witnessed at Little Rock, Arkansas in the 1950s and seen also as symptomatic of a worrying new phase in middle class flight. In language all too familiar […]

Job Ad of the Week: Teach First/ AST Teacher of Science

Sad to see that undertrained and inexperienced Teach First ambassadors are being sought for advanced teaching posts in the UK. “Location: South East jobs Salary: £26000 to £40000 per annum Date posted: 27/05/2011 18:22 Job type: Permanent Company: Michael Page Education Contact: Dominique Bennett Ref: Totaljobs/MPTJ13152007 Job ID: 50708634 A Teach First Teacher/ AST Teacher […]

Gove’s Cutting Costs With Overseas Trained Teachers

With UK Education Secretary Gove’s approval rating among teachers on a par with that of Col. Gaddafi among Libyan rebels, it is eyebrow-raising to say the least that he aims to push through reforms that would see teachers from Oz, NZ and other select countries being allowed to teach in the UK without undergoing retraining […]

Charity Tribunal’s Golden Moment: UK Independent Schools Ruling

We cheered when reading that the UK’s Charity Tribunal is about to pass judgement on the status of the 1200 or so independent fee-paying schools that still believe they warrant some kind of discount for teaching the rich. Of course the schools PR organisation – the ISC – and their supporters are trying their best […]

Teach For America & Teacher Layoffs in Kansas City

More predictable news from the US involving the redundancy of employed teachers to make way for new Teach for America recruits. In what is seen as a very deliberate attempt to undermine the teaching unions, the Kansas City School District have told over half of 200 teachers without tenure that their contracts won’t be renewed. […]

CfBT Education Trust Seeking Special School Closure

We have already written at some length about the new philanthropic organisations that appear to be doing the UK Tories’ dirty work and also the rather creative interpretation of UK charity commission guidelines that permit organisations like Teach First to operate as charities. CfBT Education Trust is another on-message charity. They claim to “provide education […]

McKinsey On Trial: Where Now For Gove, Barber & Teach First?

The news that three senior McKinsey & Co consultants are in the dock for the US’s most serious insider trading scandal in generations makes us wonder if this consultancy firm is really the right one to lead UK education policy. Prosecutors allege that a billionaire hedge fund founder, Raj Rajaratnam, was given tips about McKinsey […]

Teach First Public Relations Week

Good to see that the ‘charity’ known as Teach First is hard at work. Now that they’ve got their claws into primary school kids they’re obviously not going to waste any opportunity to spread their message of bringing joy and light into the lives of the poor. The occasion as part of Teach First PR […]


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