Parents Opting Out: The Beginning Of The End For Standardised Testing?

Too early to say, of course, but the actions of one Pennsylvania woman give us hope that the days of factory education are coming to an end. State College, Pennsylvania (CNN) — A Pennsylvania mother has decided she does not want her two children to take the two-week-long standardized tests given by her state as part […]

‘Private firm gets failing grade’

A Seattle Times article on McKinsey & Company’s strategy for public education clearly demonstrates what misery and trouble is in store for UK education if the management consultants get their way. “POP quiz: (We hope you’ve been paying attention because this is a high-stakes test; wrong answers may lead to the dismantling of our schools.) […]

Man in the Middle

If you ever wondered who is/was responsible for Education Policy in the UK then look no further than this man… Education Reform Lessons from England An Interview with Sir Michael Barber Publication Date: January 13, 2006 England’s education system has undergone rapid and ambitious reform in the past decade. In 1997, a newly-elected Labour government, […]

Alfie Kohn

The Case Against “Tougher Standards” By Alfie Kohn People who talk about educational “standards” use the term in different ways. Sometimes they’re referring to guidelines for teaching, the implication being that we should change the nature of instruction — a horizontal shift, if you will. (In the case of the standards drafted by the National […]


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