The Real Problem is “The Snob”, Not “The Blob”, Mr. Gove.

The Snob, n. – A person who admires and seeks to imitate, or associate with, those of higher social status or greater wealth; one who wishes to be regarded as a person of social importance. – A person who despises those whom he or she considers to be inferior in rank, attainment, or taste. First […]

Why do teachers go on strike?

On October 17th the main teaching unions in England have organised a day of strikes (also known as industrial action, or walkouts) that will shut most schools and cause a good deal of disruption to the daily routines of millions of people across the country. However, this week alone teacher strikes have also been witnessed […]

Where’s Wally? How To Spot A Corporate Education Reformer

A further excerpt, this time from the writings of another strong critic of the corporate education reform movement, Leonie Haimson (@leoniehaimson), who leads Class Size Matters in New York City (“a non-profit, non-partisan clearinghouse for information on class size and the proven benefits of smaller classes”) and who was a co-founder of Parents Across America […]

US & UK Education Privatisation: The Differences

Renowned historian of education, educational policy analyst, and research professor Diane Ravitch today summarises nicely how education ‘reform’ “now in full operation in states across the nation” works in the US. First, set an impossible goal, say, 100% proficiency for all students. Second, say that there can be “no excuses,” no reference to social conditions […]

Gove’s GCSE Reform Speech: Our View

With much anticipation, we listened yesterday afternoon to England Education Secretary, Michael Gove’s, statement to the House of Commons on his proposed reforms to the current nationwide GCSE examination. We were listening not only for the predictable bitchiness that accompanies any statement Gove makes to the Commons but also for anything that educationalists like ourselves […]

AET uses online tutoring to support disadvantaged children

12 April 2011, Cambridgeshire – AET, a multi-academy sponsor, today announces an online tutoring partnership with TLC Education Group, designed to raise the attainment of the students in its member academies. AET is deploying TLC’s online tutoring service, TLC Live! in a number of schools in its academy network, to support children eligible for the […]

The NeverEnding Story of Educational Reform: UK PM Callaghan’s Ruskin College Speech, Oct 1976

For those who think Gove or any other politician is the answer to our educational problems (whatever they may be), perhaps excerpts from the text of the speech by Prime Minister James Callaghan, at a foundation stone-laying ceremony at Ruskin College, Oxford, on October. 18 1976 will make you think again. The speech proved to […]

Gove’s Change Rhetoric: Education Secretary’s speech to ASCL

Michael Gove, UK Ed Sec, spoke at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) conference on the the 24 March 2012 so we thought we’d run through the justifications he could come up with for alienating both teachers and headteachers with his needless reforms. There was a defence of free schools and academies. There […]

IT infrastructure in schools: outsource or keep in house?

Independent schools are unique, active users of IT. They are keen to attract new pupils, even if they enjoy a long waiting list, and to do this they must demonstrate competitive advantage not only in terms of educational achievement but in the facilities on offer as well. Traditionally this is in areas such as sports, […]

Five East Anglia schools form tutoring partnerships with TLC Education Group

Five East Anglia schools form tutoring partnerships with TLC Education Group  TLC Education Group, the specialist maths and English tutoring provider, today announces five partnerships with schools across East Anglia. The Samuel Ward Academy and Wymondham High School in Suffolk, Coleridge Community College and Parkside Community College in Cambridge, and the Open Academy in Norwich, […]


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