ROKTalk, the text-to-speech service for websites designed to ‘make websites talk’ through converting written text on websites into real-time, real voice, audible speech, has today announced it is to gift the service to up to 5,000 primary and secondary schools across the UK this year through it’s not-for-profit organization, The ROK Foundation. There are approximately […]

Does Facebook reduce ‘student drop-outs’?

The BBC today report that Facebook ‘cuts student drop-outs’. But does it? Is there any evidence for this claim? No and we’ll show you why. Firstly, this article isn’t really about the this claim at all as only 2 passages out of 18 in the article refer to it: 1. “”There has been a significant […]

Union Leader 4 U

“Union leader calls for review of mobile phone ban in classrooms”, says the Observer. Really? Perhaps so. After all, the article later declares: “In schools where children were provided with handheld computers with phone and internet access to use in lessons, teachers have reported very little misuse, according to David Whyley, the headteacher consultant for […]


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