Education Myths

With so many myths in education, it’s a wonder anyone learns anything at all: Seven Myths About Education 8 Myths That Undermine Educational Effectiveness Myths in Education, Learning and Teaching 50 Myths and Lies That Threaten America’s Public Schools 10 Myths About Education in the US and What It will Take to Fix Our Schools […]

4 Reasons Why Teach First Might Be A Good Idea (& 22 Reasons Why It Might Not)

Given recent political limelight-sharing speeches, and education news media puff pieces, we thought it important to restore some balance to the current largely light-touch media debate on Teach First. We also thought that it would be useful to collect all the various arguments for and against Teach First in one place. What follows therefore is […]

What Makes Daniel Willingham A Scientist?

“Our curriculum is based on years of analysis of the world’s most successful school systems, from east Asia to Massachusetts, and is backed by leading academics such as scientist Daniel Willingham” (Elizabeth Truss MP, Conservative Minister for education) “Antidote to Twitter idiocy: The science behind Gove approach on curriculum:” (Tory education news ‏@toryeducation) “I […]

Former Times Editor Gove’s Silence Speaking Volumes

With the revelations surrounding Murdoch’s newspaper empire coming thick and fast, there is one Member of the UK Parliament who has remained strangely quiet given his links to News International, his former employer. The MP? Our own Education Secretary Michael Gove. That is, former Times journalist Michael Gove. That is, the husband of Sarah Vine […]

Free Advertising At BBC Education

Despite its Reithian foundations, the BBC and its Education journalists in particular seem to be dishing out free ad space. In ‘New Exam Weapon Against Exam Cheating‘ the Beeb declare that new computerised techniques devised by Cambridge Assessment will be able to better spot exam cheating. And for that we should all be grateful. However, […]

Do England’s teacher trainees ‘do worse’ in maths tests?

The BBC article on the latest research by the CfBT Education Trust would make you think that UK teachers are hopeless at maths. “England’s trainee teachers do worse in mathematical tests than their peers in some major economic competitors, a study suggests. Teacher trainees in schools in Japan, China and Russia, easily outperformed those from […]

Damascene Diane Ravitch On The Daily Show

Former champion of tests, standards and targets, now a defender of teachers and critic of vulture philanthropists and business interference in education talks to John Stewart (12:30 secs onwards).

No University Should Have Their Own Entrance Test

…because it discriminates against those without the cultural, social or economic resources to benefit from them i.e .those from non-fee paying schools. Speaking in The Times, Dr. Helen Wright, the president of the Girls Association of independent private schools for rich kids, believes that “all universities should have entrance tests rather than offer places based […]

BBC Radio 5 Live listener takes on Michael Gove

Michael Gove

…& wins by a KO! Listen to the broadcast here: Gove getting a pasting on live BBC radio Charlie from Lewes, the radio listener, for Education Secretary?! He’ll do a much better job than journo Gove if this is anything to go by. We should say that we’re not supporting Charles’ opinion that headteachers rather […]

Corporate Educational Language

Why Business People Speak Like Idiots

The Beeb tell us that a fifth of of secondary schools are ‘in the red’. How can a school be ‘in the red’? They are publicly-funded. They’re not businesses. Deficits are for companies. Schools should have enough money. The 6th largest economy in the world has enough money. There’s not a bottomless pit, obviously. But […]


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