UK Universities & a pinch of salt

“Universities make £60bn a year for UK economy, study finds” faithfully reports the Guardian. UK Universities report, produced for Universities UK by Ursula Kelly, Donald McLellan and Emeritus Professor Iain McNicoll of the University of Strathclyde, attempts to show how profitable and integral the university ‘industry’ is. Apparently, “through both direct and secondary or multiplier […]

Leave those tuition fees alone

“Science adviser warns of fee rise”, writes someone at the Beeb. We don’t think so. At EducationState we see this very differently. The Government to appease HE are appointing ‘advisors’ to make such statements so that HE staff can maintain their present living standards while pretending that to retain ‘our’ competitiveness in science we need […]

Only celebrity journalists?

“Tabloids duped by celebrity hoaxes” is a story that has dominated the UK press today. “Chris Atkins and his team put in hoax calls to some newsrooms, including that one girl band singer was a physics wizard, only to see the details printed — unchecked — in the press the next day.” we are told. […]

fka National Union of Students

We at EducationState have read with horror that the National Union of Students is to now accept tuition fees and fight for them to be capped rather than continue to oppose them outright as they have since 1997. We now call on the NUS to explain why they bother to exist AT ALL. Apart from […]

University applications still rising

UCAS has reported that the number of people applying for university degree course has increased by nearly 7%. They and New Labour should be congratulated. The propaganda is still working. The tale of how everyone goes to university and that it is the road to riches is still being sold and paying dividends. The number […]


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