Teaching profession or teaching as a career ‘under-rated’?

The BBC Education news desk and the The Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) seem to believe that a recent ICM survey shows teaching is ‘under rated’. This may be the case but the study does not show this. The study actually shows us not that teaching is under-rated but that prospects for career […]

The Error of Truancy Rates

“Truancy rate reaches record level” declares the BBC education website. We are told that, “The truancy statistics for the first two terms of the last school year show 1.03% of school sessions were missed without permission, up from 0.97%” and “show the rate of unauthorised absences as running higher than any annual figure since 1994, […]

Education’s for girls and that’s that.

We feel that there is need for a balanced, gender-bias free debate on the reasons for and solutions to the problem of declining support for education among males. Based on the latest university application figures from UCAS, a BBC Education web article today states quite matter-of-factly that: “Overall not only have far more women applied […]


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