The Gravy Train Runneth Dry

It has been brought to our attention that major FE colleges are hurriedly closing classes and squeezing hours out of already over-worked teaching and admin staff. This has all been brought about by New Labour/Old Tories’ shift in policy away from adults and to the under 19’s. The rhetoric is that everyone should have a […]

Harlow College

Recent events have shown that despite ‘increased’ funding in FE, the sector still remains the most fraught. Staff at Harlow College are currently embroiled in a long-running and bitter feud with the College’s principal regarding revised working conditions and pay. This has led to half of them taking redundancy. Blame has been apportioned but as […]

Waste management

Heard the one about the Job Centre and FE Colleges competing for the same students and then striking a deal so that both can claim to have those students on their books to guarantee funding and ensure achievement and retention stats don’t dip? Or, how about the Job Centre and FE Colleges running exactly the […]

16 years old

What the Edumonolith does with vulnerable teenagers isn’t working. Hoodies rule. It is a case of your damned if you do and your damned if you don’t. 14 year olds who are sent to FE colleges in an attempt to prevent them picking up bad habits from peers is ignoring why kids misbehave in the […]


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