National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts

Vive La Révolution! “What is the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts? The National Campaign against Fees and Cuts is a group of activists from universities, colleges and schools across the country that co-ordinate action against tuition fees and education funding cuts. Students were brought together by a realisation of the extent of the attacks […]

Can’t pay, won’t pay!

Given that not one single person among Lord Browne-nose’s Comedy Tuition Fees Review, the Blue Rinsers or the Yellows is currently brave enough to actually make an announcement regarding the issues of student finance in the future, it’s surprising that the media have been so kind. If we were current or future students, we’d be […]

Help Wanted: Revolutionary to fight for penniless students!

With the Russell Group and other selfish and ungrateful universities continue to persuade the Government that charging students more is the only way to maintain the UK’s competiveness in research, future students must be thinking that all is lost. Despite the fact that all the middle-aged people working at UK universitities didn’t pay a penny […]

Tuition Fees Comedy Review

“The Universities Secretary Lord Mandelson today announced the appointment of Lord Browne of Madingley as chair of the Independent Review of Higher Education Funding and Student Finance.” A farce already. The appointments do not include anyone whose income will be harmed come the inevitable hike in fees. In fact, the review panel is so unbalanced […]


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