Barber’s Meaningless System


This was going to be a post about the Tory White Paper. We took a look at it but what really caught our eye was how many times Sir Michael Barber got a mention. In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Barber was Education Secretary given the amount of space devoted to his work [...]

How “facts” do not a good education make: Michael Gove and the Curriculum Review


This week we heard that Michael Gove is launching a curriculum review, in order to create a return to more “traditional” teaching. Quite apart from the dubious aim of the review, the enormous irony of launching a review of something and simultaneously declaring its result is obvious; as Chris Keates, the General Secretary of the [...]

Teach First Expansion, Teacher Layoffs?

Dole Queue

For any who still see Teach First through rose-tinted spectacles, then a Dallas CBS video (see link below) tells a predictable and saddening story. Teachers Face Layoffs While DISD Extending Teach For America Program A familiar tale: – Local and state authorities employ graduate teachers to maintain staff numbers and reduce the wage bill. -Such [...]

Save the Education Maintenance Allowance


“Save the EMA – Get organised for 13 December 2010 The government intends to axe the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) for college students in England. This will have a massive impact on those families in our communities who most need support to undertake education. The EMA is a means-tested allowance of between £10 and £30, [...]

Roll of Shame: MPs Who Voted For Fees Hike


Hansard data reveals who voted for the tuition fees hike yesterday. What is galling to us is the number of MPs who despite benefiting themselves from a free or heavily subsidised higher education now think there’s no hypocrisy in voting for a dramatic reduction in the very same subsidy they benefited from. Take Vince Cable. [...]

‘Private firm gets failing grade’


A Seattle Times article on McKinsey & Company’s strategy for public education clearly demonstrates what misery and trouble is in store for UK education if the management consultants get their way. “POP quiz: (We hope you’ve been paying attention because this is a high-stakes test; wrong answers may lead to the dismantling of our schools.) [...]

Teach First, McKinsey & Goldman Sachs


Continuing our investigations into Teach First, it is good to know that this charitable organisation has powerful backing. The founder and CEO at Teach First is Brett Wigdortz. Our Brett has no training in education: he’s not a teacher, policy expert or researcher. He is a businessman, and after gaining an MA in Economics and [...]

National Campaign Against Fees And Cuts


Vive La Révolution! “What is the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts? The National Campaign against Fees and Cuts is a group of activists from universities, colleges and schools across the country that co-ordinate action against tuition fees and education funding cuts. Students were brought together by a realisation of the extent of the attacks [...]

How to hit tuition fees without violence


The Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts march yesterday (11/11/10) was an eye-opener for many reasons. One reason why it drew our attention was the lack of unity shown by the student reps. The NUS leader seemed more intent on covering his own back by saying that the violence had overshadowed the purpose of the [...]

‘Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts’


“Join us as we march on the streets of central London to fight against the looming, savage education cuts. NUS and UCU are jointly organising a national demonstration – ‘Fund Our Future: Stop Education Cuts’ – to take place on Wednesday 10 November 2010. Meet at Horse Guards Avenue – 11.30am.”


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