Rock and a Privatised Place

Money is important, we know. But from where it comes, especially regarding Education, is a real hot potato.

Rock and hard place

Mention the P-word and you’re liable to be hung out to dry in some circles. PRIVATISATION!!!! There we said it. But should we in Education worry about from where the money comes as long as it does?
It seems to us that parents or learners are not especially bothered where the funds come from. Suppliers and other external bodies don’t care as long as they’re paid.

So who does care? Certainly politicians, especially in this country, who seem to be losing power by the day to managers of much larger, wealthier and better known corporations are especially fond of it as it gives them something to kick about in Parliament and play politics with. Unions, also, who are keen to maintain Government funding as they know this will ensure a steady number of members in the years to come, care a lot. Anyone else?

In effect, then, we have an Education system run by Politicians for their own selfish ends and buttressed by Unions who fear privatisation and what it does to their membership. It isn’t run for the parents or learners or even the suppliers and external bodies without whom it would be impossible to run effectively.

But would privatisation improve things? No cheap electioneering would be possible. MP’s would have to go off and kick another issue about. Union membership would suffer but as long as employee laws and regulations were adhered to this would be no big shakes. Parents would be given the right to choose the Education for their child and an adult the course they want based on their purchasing power. As there exist income inequalities, a welfare net would be required. This would require administration perhaps through the existing benefit system. Why would this be any worse than what we already have?

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