Why exams don’t count!

David Miliband. What have we done to deserve someone like you?

David Miliband

According to Wikipedia, “David Miliband was educated at schools in London, Benton Park School in Leeds and Boston, Massachusetts before being educated at Haverstock Comprehensive School in North London, where he obtained a Grade ‘D’ in Physics A-level, and 3 Grade ‘B’s.” After fluffing his ‘A’ levels, our Miliband went off to Oxford. Now how about that? Sure he’ll be sending his kids to comprehensive school like Diane Abbott, Ruth Kelly, Tony Bliar and all the other two-faced so-and-so’s. Won’t matter where they go because his offspring will guaranteed a place at a ‘top’ university now won’t they?!

Basically, as long as your parents are famous, you can go to whatever university you feel like! That’s the British Establishment way. What kind of society proclaims a belief in advancement based on merit and then proceeds to do exactly the opposite? Our’s.


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